Reveal the Impact of Food on Health

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Product & Technology

Robust recognition

Food Recognition

Reliable detection and recognition of multiple food items in real-life scenarios. The highlighting of each food item in the image enables unmet user experiences.

Portion calculation

Portion Calculation

SNAQ’s patent pending technology reliably determines the portion size of food items based on an image. It achieved a carbohydrate estimation error of just 15% in a recent preclinical study on a broad set of meals.

Nutrition database

Nutrition Database

Well structured nutrition database supporting multiple regions. Unique selection options to determine nutrition facts of various foods. Easily extendable with your pre-existing database.

How it Works

Snap a Photo

Simply take an image of your food and get information on its nutritional content. No need to search through endlessly long lists of foods or to use a scale to determine portion sizes.


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Nutrition facts for white rice and chicken curry

  • Kcal 251
  • Fats 5.1g
  • Carbohydrates 26.2g
  • Proteins 23.9g

Get Nutrition Information

SNAQ not only recognizes the foods but also estimates the portion size. For even more automation the suggestions are personalized based on an individuals’ habits and common local foods.

Clients and Partners



Sanitas Health Insurance has over 800,000 insured persons. The SNAQ Food Scanner got integrated into the Sanitas Active App.

CSS Versicherungen

CSS Insurances

With 1.34 million insured in compulsory health insurance, CSS is the largest health insurer in Switzerland. In collaboration with CSS, SNAQ developed an iron deficiency prevention app.

Diabetes Research Center Bern

Diabetes Center Berne

The Diabetes Center Berne improves the therapy of people with diabetes mellitus by adressing unmet needs.



The University Hospital Zurich is one of the largest hospitals in Switzerland and combines 44 clinics and institutes under one roof. In collaboration, we are conducting a food analysis study.


bytes4diabetes Award

The bytes4diabetes Award is a competition initiated to promote innovation in the field of diabetes. Its one of the largest diabetes innovation prizes in Europe. In 2020, SNAQ won the first price.

NVIDIA Inception Program

NVIDIA Inception Program

NVIDIA Inception nurtures cutting-edge AI startups who are revolutionizing industries. This virtual accelerator offers go-to-market support, expertise, and technology for program members through deep learning training, exclusive Inception events, preferred pricing on hardware, and more.

Reveal the impact of food on health

It is our mission to reveal the impact of food on health. SNAQ’s patent pending and scientifically verified technology provides users the most convenient and accurate way to capture nutritional intake and helps to manage the impact of food on health through personalized insights and recommendations.

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